We reduce the extent of psycho-social disorders through preventive measures and direct care. We network at national, European and international level.


We foster emotional education, coeducation and the prevention of violence, and respond to the psycho-social needs of children at risk.


Empowerment of women is one of our fundamental goals. We back this with innovative working methods to promote health and self-awareness.


We understand that active ageing, social and family links and strengthening the community network are of key importance to improving quality of life for older people.

Collective & personal transformation
Fundació Aroa was set up in 2003 with a clear goal: to uphold the human right to health, and to do this from a holistic, total, feminist point of view. Since we started out, we have built up a multi-disciplinary team with specialists in medicine, psychology, social education and pedagogy. We also have the invaluable support of more than thirty volunteers, people who believe in our work and cooperate with us in a wide variety of ways. Our activities include prevention, direct care for people with psycho-social disorders, research and political action from local up to international level. On our horizon is the goal of contributing to a fairer, more equal world in which everybody’s dignity and diversity are respected and valued.

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